The Global Stars

Global Stars In 2014 Steve joined team leader Mark Jefferies, and Tom Cassells, Chris Burkett and Michael Pickin for the latest Global Stars line up. Mark and Tom are both multiple UK Unlimited Champions, Michael has the Advanced title. Chris and Steve have been medalists at Advanced and Unlimited levels. The UK’s best displaying in Europe and worldwide. 2015 will see the team in Australia, India, Holland and back here in the United Kingdom

The team fly a spectacular four ship formation aerobatic display with Extra and Cap 232 aircraft. Their on board camera equipment can also provide a recording of the display, or even live air to ground footage from the cockpit!

Versatility is important to the team, so if you’re looking for a solo performance, or an aerobatic duo, then the Global Stars will meet your display requirement and budget.

Look out for the team’s unique WIFI controlled display smoke!

Global Stars Global Stars