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Imagine a heart in the sky drawn over a thousand feet high! A spectacular display of unlimited aerobatics from the Extra 260 makes a perfect gift on this very special day. Throughout the 6 to 8 minute display you will be amazed as the Extra reaches 250miles per hour, rolls upwards then tumbles end over end, flies backwards and sideways all under control. How do you make an aeroplane do that?

../img/wedding1.jpgIf you’d rather have a Spitfire, P51 Mustang, or any other classic iconic aircraft appear for your wedding day or special event then look no further! As experienced air show organisers, we can arrange almost anything, from a flypast to a full 6 or 7 minute routine.

A commercial pilot for over twenty years, Steve Carver is one of Britain’s leading aerobatic display pilots, and is authorized to fly down to 50 feet. For more information about a display anywhere in the British Isles and Europe, contact Steve at Aerobatics4you on 07766 688320. A display will probably cost a lot less than you’d think.